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warli painting is......

Warli painting is......

Warli is the name of a tribe which resides in Thane district in Maharashtra , north of Mumbai. The main villages where this tribe is located are Dahanu, Talasari, Mokhada, Vada and Palghara. Artist Subash N. Sutar's village Raithali is 2 km from Dahanu (Tal) in Maharashtra .People in the Raitali are primarily agriculturists and thus their paintings are influenced by the seasonal cycle. They worship Nath Dev, the God of Agriculture, Hiranya Dev, the imperishable, referring to Lord Brahma and Palghata Devi, deity of fertility. It is customary among the people of Raithali to make Warli painting on the walls of the house before marriage. These paintings are executed by artists, traditionally restricted to women, specially trained to create these "Shaadi Ka Chowks". The paintings, using symbols, highlight key ceremonies like the 'baaraat' (when the bridegroom reaches the place where the ceremony is taking place) and 'puja' (ritual of worship) of the wedding. Warli painting is a combination of cultural heritage, tradition and the art of living.

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